Mommy mouse POCKET DIAPERS are the easiest way of diapering. They are convenient and perfect for everyday use, just like disposable diapers.

The Mommy mouse POCKET DIAPER is composed of two parts:

– The colourful outer layer made out of waterproof PUL material that protects the child’s clothing from leakage.

– The inner micro-fleece material that drains the moisture from the child’s skin, providing a pleasant feeling of dryness. The fleece is is extremely soft and is certified with the OEKO -TEX Standard 100 and Blue sign CERTIFICATE.

A double row of snaps on the waistband regulate the width of the waist, while a row of vertical snaps regulate the leg gussets. The snaps are well spaced ensuring the best fit for the baby’s diaper.

The diaper contains a pocket into which soaker pads can be ‚stuffed’. Soaker pads help absorb moisture and the diapers absorbency can be adjusted according to the number of soaker pads used.

Soaker pads allow diapers to dry much quicker than if it was sewn in since the soaker pad and the diaper can both dry separately after washing.



SIO / SYSTEM is an acronym of SNAP – IN – ONE.

This diaper consists of a snap system which snaps in the SIO soaker pads. Thanks to this system the diaper is able to fit newborn babies up to toddlers because of its adjustable size settings.The SIO diaper contains an inner PUL insert which protects the diaper from being soaked quickly and makes it convenient to use at night or when taking the child for long walks.We can attach all types of SIO soaker pads into the SIO SYSTEM DIAPERS. When the baby’s diaper is wet, simply remove the soaker pad and replace with a new one. The diaper can be reused 2-3 times before laundering. This diaper can also be strengthened by attaching the NIGHT PLUS soaker pads or boosters with the SIO soaker pads via the snaps.

Myszka Mommy Mouse z zabawką


The SHELL is designed to be a more economical option of diapering. 5 – 6 shells and several soaker pads is enough to diaper a child.

Like the SIO diapers, the SHELL has elastic PUL leg gussets to contain messes. It also has an airy mesh which protects the baby’s skin.

The shell is form fitting and at the same time very absorbent, and thanks to its ONE SIZE flexibility it can substitute other types of diapers in the market.

In contrast to regular diapers which do not include snaps, pockets nor soaker pads, SHELLS provide the option of using a variety of soaker pads as well as other absorbent materials such as small towels.

MM SHELLS are also a perfect fit to all different types of Mommy Mouse Soaker pads.


POCKET DIAPERS, SIO / SYSTEM DIAPERS and SHELLS all come in ONE SIZE. Thanks to the regulating snap system, they are suitable for children weighing from 4kg to 16kg.


It is up to the parent to determine how often a diaper will be changed. A „good” diaper should be able to withstand 2.5 hours without change. However diapering is always an individual approach and should be tailored to the needs of the child.

The Mommy Mouse diapering system is flexible as it allows you to choose the appropriate type of soaker pad, adapting it to suit you and your child’s needs.

Adding a SIO booster to your SOAKER PADS will increase absorbency to your diaper pockets or shells.


WASHING: Soiled soaker pads and diaper pockets can be machine washed in temperatures of 40 ° C to 60 ° C with a spin cycle of 1000rpm. No pre-soaking is necessary. It is important to note that you cannot use soaps and softeners with Mommy mouse diapers and Soaker pads as they become oily and the pores clog up making them less absorbent. Soaker pads can be tumble-dried, but the diapers have to be air dried due to the delicate elastic bands.

DETERGENTS: All baby safe detergents with a minimal soap content or laundry balls can be used.

STAIN REMOVAL: Soaker pads and diapers stains are best removed using organic eco oxygen bleach. A more ecological-friendly option is leaving them out in the sun.

SANITIZING: Nappy Fresh or MioFresh can be used to sanitize reusable diapers.


The most important thing you need to do before using the diaper is to make sure it fits the baby. It is vital to adjust the diaper correctly round the waist otherwise the diaper will fit badly or the snaps will detach. The folds have a large adjustment and fastening to any size is not a problem.

Another important step is to check whether the elastic round the leg gussets is well fitted to the groin. The diaper should not overlap the child’s legs. The soaker pads tucked into the diaper should not protrude, ensuring that no moisture is transferred onto the child’s clothing.

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